Quality Assurance Clause
NetVia Group

Clause 1: Quality System Requirements

  1. Sampling procedures, when used, must comply with ANSI/ASQ Z1.4 or ANSI/ASQ Z1.9 (latest revision) or equivalent.
  2. The supplier must maintain a “Lot Control System” and traceability records as applicable.
  3. The supplier’s quality system must be in compliance with ISO 9001 and/or AS 9100.
  4. The supplier is required to notify NetVia Group immediately, if non-conforming product was inadvertently shipped to NetVia Group.
  5. The supplier is not allowed to ship non-conforming product dispositioned as “use as is” or repaired without prior approval from NetVia Group.
  6. The supplier is required to flow down to all sub-tier suppliers all applicable requirements in the purchasing documents, including key characteristics on applicable drawings.
  7. Verification of purchased materials by the supplier at a sub-tier supplier’s facility does not absolve them from providing acceptable material. Such material must be submitted and accepted to standard inspections and testing by NetVia Group.

Clause 2: Certification

The suppliers of custom built products shall provide with each shipment a Certificate of Conformance signed with an original signature and title of signer for the total quantity in the shipment.

  1. If special processes are required (heat treating, welding, etc.), the certification must reflect the applicable specification.
  2. If special inspection processes are required, a test report with the applicable information must accompany the certification.
  3. Certification requires (if applicable) proof of qualification for special processes performed by qualified personnel.
  4. Packing slips must contain country of origin for each shipment received. Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) Codes must be provided for each part number shipped, either on the packing slip, or in a Free Trade Agreement certification provided when eligible.

Clause 3: Right to access by NetVia Group

All material covered by this purchase order is subject to surveillance inspection by NetVia Group This requirement may include surveillance of the product or the supplier’s quality system, procedures, and facilities. The supplier shall provide access to all facilities and equipment, supply data, and performance tests as required by the applicable drawings, specifications, and inspection instructions under the surveillance of NetVia Group Quality Representative as requested. The surveillance inspection shall be requested in advance in writing from NetVia Group.

Clause 4: Final Inspection

Final inspection is required on all our purchase orders of custom built products. This inspection will be performed by the supplier in accordance with all available specifications for the product being inspected. If required by the NetVia Group purchase order, inspection will be to the current revision of AS9102. All supporting documentation, including raw material certifications, and test certifications must be supplied with each shipment. The final inspection results must meet all the requirements of the NetVia Group purchase order, the NetVia Group supplied data, and the applicable NetVia Group supplied drawing. NetVia expects complete and correct inspection documentation to the supplied purchase order and part drawing. Any incorrect and falsified data will result in a $100.00 surcharge. Once the first lot is accepted by NetVia Group, the supplier shall make NO CHANGES to the process or materials used without written authorization from NetVia Group.

Clause 5: Tool, Gauge and Measuring Equipment

The supplier shall maintain a system that will insure adequate controls over all tools, gauges, measuring and testing equipment used for product acceptance in accordance with ISO 10012-1 or equivalent (this includes a system for periodic recall for calibrations). Calibrations MUST be traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

Clause 6: No Change Clause

Supplier shall make no change in design, data, fabrication, or manufacturing processes, after acceptance of the first production lot, without the written approval of NetVia Group.

Clause 7: Shelf Life Materials

The date of manufacture (date code) shall be clearly marked on the packaging, and outside of box, adjacent to the quantity of the date code. Date codes over 6 months shall not be shipped without written approval from NetVia Group. Date codes and quantities shall also be stated on the Certificate of Conformance.

Clause 8: Material Certification

The supplier shall furnish certification for the materials used in the process. In addition, inspection documentation shall reflect said materials were used in the processes.

Clause 9: Quality Records

Quality records shall be maintained in a manner to ensure they remain legible, readily identifiable, and are easily retrievable. Quality records shall be maintained, electronically, for a period no less than 10 years from the date of purchase. These records shall include inspection and test results of supplied parts. Said records shall be available for review by NetVia Group, and our customers, upon request. Disposal of records shall be done in a manner that shall prevent reconstruction.