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Physical Address:

   230 Irby Lane

   Irving, Texas 75061

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Main Phone:

   Alternate Phone 972-573-1400

Main Fax:

   Fax 972-573-1410

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Large File Upload

On some systems, you may need to refresh your browser to show the upload tool.  This is usually done with the F5 key or an icon on the navigation bar.

Step 1 - click on the Select Files link

Step 2 - select the file you want to upload and click the open button

Step 3 - click the "Start Uploading Files" link that will appear

Step 4 - wait for the upload complete message and click the "Upload Another?" link to send another file.

Our Staff


   Jeff Forbus, President, 972-573-1400

   Brady Hurst, CIO/EVP, 972-573-1374

   Richard McKeel, General Manager, 972-573-1372

   Tony Fullerton, Quality Manager, 972-573-1375

   Alfonso Duron, Production Manager, 972-573-1379


   Paul Olson, Business Development, 972-573-1362

   Dean Butler, Business Development, 972-573-1396


   Cindi Latimer, Accounts Payable, 972-573-1364


   Melissa Stephens, CAD/CAM Lead, 972-573-1368

   Kathy Andrade, Lab Manager, 972-573-1371

   Jason Svoboda, Senior Process Engineer, 972-573-1391

   Adrian Maciel, Drill Manager, 972-573-1393
   Zach Walker, Wet Process Engineer, 972-573-1391