Embedded Resistors

As the demand for smaller, lighter, and more reliable electronic devices continues to rise, the technology behind printed circuit boards (PCBs) has been rapidly evolving. Embedded resistors, also known as embedded passives, have emerged as a game-changer in PCB manufacturing. NetVia stands at the forefront of this innovative technology, providing cutting-edge PCBs with embedded resistors to a wide range of industries.

Embedded Resistors Basics

Embedded resistors are a type of passive component integrated directly into the PCB substrate, eliminating the need for discrete resistors on the board surface. They are fabricated using a combination of specialized materials and techniques to achieve the desired resistance values. NetVia’s mastery of this technology allows them to offer unparalleled benefits to their customers.

NetVia’s approach to embedded resistors combines expertise in materials science, advanced design software, and state-of-the-art fabrication processes. Our team of engineers and manufacturing experts collaboratively develop solutions that cater to diverse application requirements, ensuring high-performance PCBs with embedded resistors.

Advantages of Embedded Resistors in PCBs

Space and Weight Savings

The integration of resistors directly into the PCB substrate eliminates the need for additional discrete components, leading to significant space and weight savings. This is particularly crucial in modern electronics, where size constraints are a major challenge.

Improved Signal Integrity

Embedded resistors offer lower parasitic effects, reduced trace lengths, and controlled impedance, resulting in enhanced signal integrity and reduced electromagnetic interference (EMI). This translates to better performance and reliability of the electronic device.

Enhanced Reliability

With fewer solder joints and interconnections, PCBs with embedded resistors exhibit improved reliability and robustness. The reduced number of components also minimizes the risk of failure points, thereby increasing the overall lifespan of the product.


While the initial cost of manufacturing PCBs with embedded resistors may be marginally higher, the overall cost-effectiveness becomes evident in the long run due to reduced assembly costs, fewer components to purchase, and simplified inventory management.

NetVia’s Manufacturing Process

Design Collaboration

NetVia collaborates closely with its customers during the design phase to understand the specific requirements and constraints of each application. This collaborative approach ensures that the PCBs with embedded resistors meet the desired performance and functionality.

Material Selection

The selection of suitable materials is crucial for manufacturing PCBs with embedded resistors. NetVia carefully chooses materials with excellent thermal conductivity, low coefficient of thermal expansion, and high reliability to ensure the long-term performance of the embedded resistors.

Quantic Ticer's TCR® and TCR EHF® products lead the industry in performance and reliability. These advanced thin-film embedded resistor solutions are tailor-made for demanding applications, delivering exceptional electrical properties and signal integrity.

TCR® is a versatile embedded resistor material offered by Ticer. It is available as a thin-film material directly from Ticer or as a laminated product through global material suppliers. TCR® is compatible with various resin systems and is ROHS-compliant. The material provides design versatility with a range of sheet resistivities, allowing for resistor values from 10 to 100k ohms.

TCR® demonstrates excellent product performance and predictability with a low thermal coefficient of resistivity, ensuring minimal resistance change during lamination. Precision vacuum metallization targets result in better resistor tolerances and reduced resistance variation. Additionally, when combined with NiCr, TCR® streamlines fabrication steps by eliminating the need for a separate resistive layer etch.

The material exhibits exceptional thermal stability due to the presence of NiCr, NCAS, and CrSiO, leading to minimal resistance change after multiple thermal cycles. Designers and users benefit from TCR®'s thin and uniform resistive layer, allowing for efficient thermal dissipation properties.

Ticer's TCR® Specification Data Set

Photo Credit: Ticer Technologies LLC

Quantic Ticer

NetVia’s collaboration with Quantic Ticer represents a synergy of expertise, innovation, and reliability in the realm of embedded resistors. By leveraging the unique capabilities of Quantic Ticer's products, NetVia offers custom solutions that elevate the performance and reliability of electronic devices across various industries.

You can get the specifics on that material in the downloading data sheet here.

Advanced Fabrication Techniques

NetVia employs cutting-edge fabrication techniques, including laser drilling and thin-film deposition, to precisely create embedded resistors with accurate resistance values and excellent tolerances. These advanced techniques also enable efficient production and reduce the likelihood of defects.

PCBs with embedded resistors often require controlled impedance traces to maintain signal integrity. Advanced manufacturing techniques are used to ensure precise impedance control throughout the board.

When integrating embedded resistors, precise layer alignment and registration are crucial to achieve accurate resistor values and ensure that the resistor patterns align with the conductive traces on other layers.

Etching processes are utilized to remove excess material and create the desired resistor patterns. High-precision etching ensures the resistors have consistent values and tolerance across the board.

Quality Control and Testing

To guarantee the quality and reliability of the PCBs with embedded resistors, NetVia implements rigorous quality control processes throughout the manufacturing cycle. Each PCB undergoes thorough testing and inspection to ensure it meets the highest industry standards before being delivered to the customers.

Looking For Embedded Resistors in Hi-Speed PCBs?

NetVia’s capabilities in manufacturing printed circuit boards with embedded resistors open new avenues for enhanced electronic device performance. By leveraging its innovative approach, advanced technologies, and commitment to quality, NetVia continues to revolutionize the electronics industry, enabling compact, reliable, and high-performance electronic devices for various applications. As technology continues to evolve, NetVia remains at the forefront, continually pushing the boundaries of what is possible in embedded resistor PCB manufacturing.